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Where can Mist Systems be used?

Mist Systems is suitable for all property types approved in British Standard BS:8458; these are:

Domestic occupancy
Single family dwellings such as:

  • Individual dwelling house

  • Individual flat

  • Individual maisonette

  • Transportable home

  • Houses of multiple occupation (HMOs)

  • Bed and breakfast accommodation

  • Boarding houses Blocks of flats 18m or less in height and with a maximum total floor area of 2400 square metres.

Residential occupancy

  • Blocks of flats greater than 18m in height

  • Sheltered and extra care housing

  • Residential care premises

  • Residential rehabilitation accommodation

  • Dormitories (e.g. attached to educational establishments)

  • Hostels

Does the Mist system comply with the BS8458 fire tests?

  • The Mist system have to pass witnessed testing of all of the required BS8458 standard tests.

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