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Make the open plan home a reality !

Safety throughout the UK.....


The  fire suppression systems have been designed to cut water usage by 40% and do not require a dedicated water supply. Domestic and residential premises will benefit from the systems. The systems are heat activated by a 57°C discreet frangible bulb and provide fast, efficient fire suppression. For a free quotation and site survey, please call us today on: Office 01795 555582  or Mobile - 07944870507 


 We offer a full design service at no extra cost and our team of installation technicians work in an efficient and professional manner. 


The fire suppression systems are unobtrusive, efficient and give high performance results every time it is activated. Annual maintenance of the system is essential to ensure optimum performance and we offer a yearly or 3 year deal to give you full piece of mind 

Systems tested in accordance with BS8458:2015 available. Give us a call to find out how we can help you or Contact us here 

Designers & installers of the High Pressure Water Mist System.
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